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Plastics Pioneer Luxus Delivers Recyclite Project Presentation At Auto Interiors Expo 2015

First time exhibitor, technical plastics compounder Luxus delivered a presentation, ‘lightweight recycled polypropylene for tomorrow’s automotive interiors’ on the 18th June 2015 at the Auto Interiors Expo based in Stuttgart. ( To view the complete presentatiion click here. /userfiles/download/Dr%20Christel%20Croft%20IAE%20Stuttgart.ppsx

The show has become a ‘must-visit’ for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as for interior design teams from automotive manufacturers wanting to keep up with the rapidly changing world of materials, finishes and technologies in the cabin. As part of the expo’s ‘Interiors Innovation and Design Forum’, Luxus Project Manager, Dr Christel Croft shared with the audience the aims of its new commercialisation project known as Recyclite.

Dr Christel Croft, comments: “The expo has provided a great platform to showcase the Hycolene™ commercialisation project and the sustainable benefits this technology offers with Europe’s key designers, buyers and suppliers in the very home of automotive manufacturing in southern Germany - Stuttgart.”

Luxus has as part of a consortium recently secured a €1.4m investment co-funded by the EU Eco-Innovation initiative. Its members are injection moulding company IAC for materials trials, twin screw manufacturer Coperion for technical support and Jaguar Land Rover offering end user guidance.

The project will enable Luxus to make a step change in the development of its Hycolene™ range of lightweight (PP) compounds, while also encouraging its wider adoption by Europe’s automotive manufacturers.

Please see image attached of Dr Christel Croft, Project Manager, Luxus

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