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Buy/Sell Plastics

Selling Your Plastic Waste to Luxus

If your business produces scrap plastic, we can work with you to convert this into incremental profit.
We recycle a vast range of plastic materials including HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, PC, PS, ABS, and PA and can accept anything from wheel bins to corrugated plastic board. In return, we can either pay competitive prices for scrap or granulated plastic or deliver the processed compound for you to reuse in the future.

Submit details of materials for Luxus to purchase via our sister site
Plastic can be collected nationwide and weight reports can be issued to support landfill tax credit submissions.
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Buying High Quality Polymer Compounds or Intermediates from Luxus

Luxus provides a convenient, cost-effective, single source of supply for a comprehensive selection of reground, engineered and custom plastics which are detailed in our product and stock grades tables below.

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Materials For Sale

Type No. Lot Material Weight Pallets Notes Enquire
LCJ3372 ABS Mop UP 12084 10
RG20100 LCJ5407 Polycarbonate Jazz Injection Regrind 8776 7
RG20100 LCJ7338 Polycarbonate Jazz Injection Regrind 2416 2
RG20100 LCJ7616 Polycarbonate Jazz Injection Regrind 6186 5
RG20106 LCJ7674 Polycarbonate Jazz Head Waste Regrind 10775 9
LC77888 Polyethylene MD Jazz Compound 27792 28 MFI - 2.0, Load at Peak - 599, Izod at Room Temperature - 20.8, Density - 0.9335
RG19108 LCE4426 Polyethylene HD Jazz Regrind 2901 4 MFI - 0.52, Load at Peak - 673, Izod at Room Temperature - 25.2, Density - 03982
RG19600 LC77837 Polyethylene HD Jazz for Grey Regrind 627 1 MFI - 3.14, Izod at Room Temperature - 7.3, Density - 0.9519
RG19150 LCJ3976 Polyethylene HD Injection Jazz Regrind 11113 11 MFI - 3.74, Izod at Room Temperature - 5.6
RG19150 LCJ3986 Polyethylene HD Injection Jazz Regrind 21713 21
RG19150 LCJ8964 Polyethylene HD Injection Jazz Regrind 22259 22 MFI - 2.16, Izod at Room Temperature - 6.8, Density - 0.9613
RG19150 LCJ8998 Polyethylene HD Injection Jazz Regrind 22180 22 MFI - 2.44, Izod at Room Temperature - 6.4
RG19107 LCJ5376 PE Powder 2319 3
RG19107 LCJ5862 PE Powder 10950 11
RG19107 LCJ7571 PE Powder 3439 5
F75841 MBJ7050 Slate Grey UV Masterbatch F78541 1000 1
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