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From Vision to Action: Leading the way in Sustainable Plastic Innovation

Our transformative journey began in March 2016, when we embarked on our partnership with Operation Clean Sweep (OCS). Through OCS, we have made significant strides in reducing plastic pellet loss and protecting our delicate ecosystems.  
Pioneering a Sustainable Journey 
Our partnership with OCS represents a strategic shift towards proactive sustainability. In line with the European Commission's efforts to combat microplastic pollution, this partnership is built on the belief that effective pellet containment requires a collective effort involving primary producers, converters, distributors, logistics partners, and recyclers. This collaborative approach lies at the heart of our commitment to making a difference in the battle against plastic pollution. 

Setting New Standards with OCS 
As a business, we have wholeheartedly embraced the Operation Clean Sweep Standard by implementing a comprehensive set of on-site measures meticulously designed to prevent and address pellet spills. This approach not only ensures compliance but also propels us beyond industry norms, solidifying our dedication to creating a cleaner and safer environment. 

Committing to OCS Principles 
Our commitment to OCS goes beyond mere corporate strategy—it is an ethos we share. By taking the OCS Member Pledge, we pledge to uphold the fundamental principles of the OCS Program. We extend this call to action to all our employees, recognising that everyone plays a pivotal role in achieving a collective goal of minimising pellet loss. 

A Global Movement 
Operation Clean Sweep goes beyond industry boundaries—it is a global movement that tackles the critical issue of plastic resin loss. 
We're proud to collaborate with OCS, joining more than 200 likeminded organisations in sharing success stories and best practices to reduce global plastic resin loss. 

Join Us in Pioneering Change 
Understanding the profound impact of preventing plastic resin loss on the well-being of our planet, we want to invite other businesses to join us in the Operation Clean Sweep mission. Be part of the movement towards zero pellet loss and contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment. Together, let's shape the future of sustainable plastics. 

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