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Our trademarked Bin2Bin™ scheme provides a convenient ‘closed loop’ bin recycling solution that manufactures new wheel bins from their redundant ‘end of life’ counterparts.  
Specifically developed for local authorities and waste disposal operators, Luxus Bin2Bin™ encompasses all types of plastic wheel bin from 120 – 1,100L including kerbside boxes, recycling bins and bottle banks. Metal or compressed rubber bins cannot be accepted and metal or nylon hinges should be removed before collection.
Bins should be stacked and wheels removed on all but the bottom bin to simplify collection. Bins should be stacked to a safe height which is usually two to four high for commercial bins and five to eight high for domestic models.
There is no need to wash bins but they should be empty. Bins containing hazardous waste, paint, oil, hot ash residue, faeces, hypodermic needles or syringes cannot be collected.
Our bin recycling scheme collects in full loads comprising around 300 240L bins using articulated curtain side trailers. Fork lift trucks are usually required for loading but vehicles fitted with tail lifts can be provided upon request.
All bins are weighed into our site and once they have been processed, a weight report will be sent which can be used to claim Land Fill Tax Credits.

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