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Recycled plastics to play a key role in combatting pollution

We are proud pioneers in sustainable innovation and polymer technology, and have been leading the way in cutting edge compounding and recycling capabilities since 1965. With this insight and perspective, we know all about the key role that recycled plastics have to play in combatting pollution for a more sustainable future, so we were delighted to see this excellent article from Plastic Recyclers Europe.

We’re proud to provide our customers with environmentally responsible options and solutions by recycling most plastics, and producing quality-assured, high performance polymer compounds for use in a variety of applications.
You can read more about our unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art recycling and compounding capabilities right here on our website or, if you have particular requirements that we may be able to help you with, talk to our friendly team today on 01507 604941
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Plastics Pioneer Luxus Delivers Recyclite Project Presentation At Auto Interiors Expo 2015
First time exhibitor, technical plastics compounder Luxus delivered a presentation, ‘lightweight recycled polypropylene for tomorrow’s automotive interiors’ on the 18th June 2015 at the Auto Interiors Expo based in Stuttgart. ( To view the complete presentatiion click here. /userfiles/download/Dr%20Christel%20Croft%20IAE%20Stuttgart.ppsx

The show has become a ‘must-visit’ for Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers as well as for interior design teams from automotive manufacturers wanting to keep up with the rapidly changing world of materials, finishes and technologies in the cabin. As part of the expo’s ‘Interiors Innovation and Design Forum’, Luxus Project Manager, Dr Christel Croft shared with the audience the aims of its new commercialisation project known as Recyclite.

Dr Christel Croft, comments: “The expo has provided a great platform to showcase the Hycolene™ commercialisation project and the sustainable benefits this technology offers with Europe’s key designers, buyers and suppliers in the very home of automotive manufacturing in southern Germany - Stuttgart.”

Luxus has as part of a consortium recently secured a €1.4m investment co-funded by the EU Eco-Innovation initiative. Its members are injection moulding company IAC for materials trials, twin screw manufacturer Coperion for technical support and Jaguar Land Rover offering end user guidance.

The project will enable Luxus to make a step change in the development of its Hycolene™ range of lightweight (PP) compounds, while also encouraging its wider adoption by Europe’s automotive manufacturers.

Please see image attached of Dr Christel Croft, Project Manager, Luxus

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Luxus Shows Next Generation Sustainable Thermoplastic (PP) Lightweight Materials At Auto Interior Expo 2015
~~16th June 2015

UK based technical compounder and recycler Luxus, will be showing on stand (A5126) the progress it’s made on the road towards delivering next generation lightweight and sustainable materials to drive tomorrow’s auto interior innovation - the result is Hycolene™ a new sustainable lightweight thermoplastic (PP) range.

Luxus has as part of a consortium recently secured €1.4m investment co-funded by the Eco-innovation initiative of the EU for its Recyclite project ( The aim is to commercialise the development of its Hycolene range of lightweight (PP) compounds with up to 60 per cent recycled content to target’s Europe’s class ‘A’ automotive interior trim market.

Luxus will be collaborating on the commercialisation project with twin screw manufacturer Coperion to help with complex processing, tier 1 moulding supplier IAC for materials trials and Jaguar Land Rover. The automotive manufacturer will be providing end user guidance on the project to ensure the technical requirements are met, allowing exploitation of this technology across future automotive industry applications.

Robert Crow, Group Leader , Materials Innovation at Jaguar Land Rover described the Recyclite project as, “A ‘double win’ because the use of recycled material and lower weight of the compounds are both beneficial in Jaguar Land Rover’s programme for reducing the environmental impact of its vehicles.”

Project Manager, Dr Christel Croft at Luxus will be presenting a seminar on the Recyclite project as part of the Interiors Innovation and Design Forum, ‘High performance lightweight recycled polypropylene materials for tomorrow’s auto interiors’ at 11.45am, on Thursday 18th June 2015 at the Auto Interiors Expo 2015.

The key technical benefits of the Hycolene range are as follows:

• Significant weight reduction - up to 12% per part
• Increased recycled content – up to 60% per part
• Excellent stiffness/impact balance and improved scratch resistance
• Similar dimensions – a drop-in solution and colour matching

Peter Atterby, Managing Director, Luxus explains: “We are pleased that the commercial potential of our Hycolene range has been recognised by the EU. This investment has enable us to effectively make a fundamental step change in our technology as we aim to replace our filled compounds with next generation reinforcing additives.

“These additives offer excellent tensile properties that don’t detract from the appearance of the moulded compound, yet their adoption reduces weight by up to 12 per cent per part and significantly improves scratch resistance to meet industry standards.

“The new grades will also offer a lower density than is currently provided, while still delivering up to 60 per cent recycled PP. The result of all this is that tier 1 moulding suppliers will be able to produce more parts per tonne of the mineral as they will benefit from a much faster cycle time. This will offset the slightly higher price these new advanced grades will require.”

Luxus is preparing a patent application for the new advanced polymer technology process. Its capacity however, to produce these compounds will be limited by access to local sources of recyclate PP. So in the future it intends to license its IP of formulations and knowledge to other selected compounders in the EU who have access source assured PP recyclate locally.

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Staff and Managing Director, Peter Atterby at Louth based plastics compounder and recycler Luxus, recently presented a cheque for £500 to St Andrew’s Hospice representative, Lucy Wood.
The Grimsby based charity cares for people with life limiting illnesses in North East Lincolnshire ( The funds were raised by staff thanks to a raffle held at the company’s 50th anniversary celebration at the Best Western Oaklands Hall Hotel in Laceby, Lincolnshire earlier this year.
Sarah Coggle, sales office manager, Luxus, explains: "We decided to do something for a local charity and St Andrew's Hospice was chosen by a colleague who has had some involvement with them. The charity was a popular choice and the raffle went down very well, especially the prize of a day off work.
"We'd also like to thank the local businesses who donated prizes. There were many good items on offer, including a meat voucher and a bike donated by J C Cook. We would also like to say thank you to our staff for their support. The hospice touches so many people's lives; it is such a vital facility."

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