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Hycolene™ Delivers Positive Results In Next Stage Validation Trial

16th March 2016

A recent materials validation trial for the development of Luxus’ advanced lightweight, scratch-resistant thermoplastics (PP) range Hycolene™ has shown positive results – demonstrating the composite’s potential to be manufactured at full commercial scale in the future.

Two rounds of production tests took place recently, beginning last month at Luxus’ Lincolnshire based in-house Technical Centre and manufacturing plant, followed by further in-depth analysis at injection moulder, IAC’s laboratory. The tests were undertaken on the column shroud and glove box panel – critical ‘A’ grade auto interior components.

The aim was to enable Luxus to optimise both the process parameters and the screw design of its bespoke Coperion 15 extruder to explore the potential for the Hycolene range. Luxus technicians worked in collaboration with Coperion’s team varying the critical moulding parameters that help to define the operative ‘envelope’ for the Hycolene grade 16818.

Dr Christel Croft, technical director at Luxus explains: “These production tests have helped to increase our understanding of the impact of process parameters on Hycolene’s key product characteristics; enabling us to assess its performance against existing materials on a true ‘like for like’ basis. Our intention was to really push the boundaries to help understand better its true performance at limits.”

The trials concentrated on the following criteria: scratch resistance; weight savings; appearance and cycle time. The Hycolene 16818 achieved a substantial weight saving of up to 4.2% against the market’s current lightweight benchmark material. It also delivered improved colour, diminished weld lines and once again, a rapid cycle time for reduced energy usage.

Dr Christel Croft, continues: “We’re very excited about this positive next stage validation for Hycolene following the initial trial in September 2015. The benchmark material we used is excellent itself, which means our results for Hycolene are very encouraging. It confirms our ability to produce the range at full commercial scale with the expected benefits still of weight saving, excellent scratch performance and the high quality appearance demanded by OEM’s for ‘A’ grade applications.”
Hycolene is a faster cycling range of scratch resistant, lightweight (PP) compounds that help deliver improved Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), featuring up to 60% recycled content. The range has been developed to target Europe’s automotive interior trim market, by helping to satisfy both ‘end-of-life’ vehicle (ELV) and emissions targets.

Luxus announced in 2015, that it had as part of a consortium secured a €1.4m investment, co-funded by the EU Eco-Innovation initiative, part of the EU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP). Its members are injection moulding company IAC for materials trials, twin screw manufacturer Coperion for technical support and Jaguar Land Rover offering end user guidance.

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Luxus Ltd        

UK leading independent technical plastics recycling and compounding company Luxus has been developing highly specified thermoplastics compounds based on prime and recycled feedstocks for over 50 years. Luxus is a key supplier to the major names in the global auto industry and it was the first and still is the only UK business to achieve approval for its recycled grades in car interior trims.
Luxus also offers specialist ‘closed loop’ and ‘open loop’ recycling services to manage ‘end of life’ post industrial and consumer waste for the retail transit packaging, construction and local authority wheel bin markets.

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