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Rigid Packaging

Luxus is a leading international plastic compound supplier providing tailor made solutions for recycled rigid packaging.
We can collect scrap from customer premises and reuse this in our proven closed loop recycling process to enhance the polymer after its first life for reuse into similar products. Our extensive expertise includes working with supermarkets, logistic companies and bakeries to responsibly recycle plastic transit packaging.
As such, we also appreciate the growing problem of theft that can result in the loss of up to 50% of bread trays and other products. Given the difficulty in preventing such losses, Luxus provides a solution that helps to offset the financial impact by reducing unit cost and maximising the number of times that packaging can be reused before needing to be reprocessed. Our polymers have been specifically configured to reduce weight whilst retaining structural strength and provide a durable, cost-effective alternative to cardboard.
What’s more, our design team have developed specific polymer solutions to countless problems including the transportation of bottles from manufacturer to breweries and bottlers. Here, our compounds have been used to significantly reduce breakages, save money and improve carbon footprint.
Traceability is an important requirement in many food and beverage industry sectors. Whilst it may not be viable to microchip individual packs, we have the ability to manufacture compounds with advanced additives that can provide enhanced traceability, security and theft deterring properties.    

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