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Recycled Polymer

We are a leading supplier of technical recycled plastic compounds, combined prime and recycled compounds and intermediate products. These are manufactured to the very highest industry standards and include:
  • Polyethylene in high, medium and low density blow moulding formulations.
  • Polypropylene in CO, HO, glass filled, talc filled, barium filled and impact modified extrusion formulations.
  • Polystyrene in HI and GP formulations.
  • ABS in injection and extrusion formulations.
  • Polycarbonate in injection formulations.
  • Nylon Type 6 in filled, unfilled and impact modified formulations. 
Our recycled plastic compounds can be supplied in a wide range of colours as well as black withUV, heat, process and anti-static stabilizers added where required.
Materials can also be delivered in FIBCs, 25Kg bags, Octoboxes or bulk tanker loads.

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