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A commitment to continual investment in technology has equipped Luxus with state-of-the-art plastic compounding production pods with the ability to manufacture to the highest standards with the inclusion of up to 14 different products.
Our compounding production cells employ different extrusion compounding technologies to provide a varied range of capabilities including specific screw designs for applications and accurate low addition rate feeders.
The incorporation of a variety of fillers has become a key part of polymer compound development and our production cell design incorporates the best technology to add a vast range of product enhancing material from simple mineral to complex alloys of natural, glass and other performance enhancing fillers.
Our Technical Centre is fitted with the latest polymer development, testing and analysis equipment to provide customers with exceptional product quality and compound development.
This custom designed facility houses technology for polymer identification, physical property measure, performance measurement and prototype development on equipment that is scalable to volume production. 

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