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Luxus has the expertise to supply a selection of high quality additives for polymers and plastics.
Designed specifically to enhance material appearance and performance, our additives include fillers such as glass, talc, calcium carbonate and barium. In addition, they improve colour, UV, heat, process and anti-static stabilization and enhance scratch and wear resistance.
We have also developed an environmentally friendly impact modifier. Styrene-isoprene-styrene (SIS) copolymer impact modifier 109004 is fully recycled and is ideal for enhancing materials such as PP, PE and PS. Its combined low viscosity and high strength allows it to be easily mixed with compounds and its natural or white colouration is compatible with most material colours.
Furthermore, Luxus has forged strong relationships with masterbatch and pigment suppliers and our Technical Centre can provide colour matched polymers to 0.5 DE specifications.

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