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Continued investment in both cutting edge technology and our team’s capabilities allows Luxus to challenge conventional thinking and remain one of the UK’s most advanced technical plastics compounding and recycling companies.
We call upon the technical expertise that has been carefully developed since our inception in 1965 to work closely in partnership with customers around the world. In doing so, we are able to deliver a unique range of products and services and forge long term strategic partnerships with an ever expanding client base.
First, Luxus manufactures quality engineered plastics and high performance thermoplastic materials from prime and recycled polymers. Next, our in-house leading edge Technical Centre undertakes polymer testing and analysis on behalf of clients and explores ways in which to improve compound design. Furthermore, Luxus recycles a huge range of plastics in our advanced on-site facilities to help customers to proactively manage scrap plastic, reduce costs and minimise their own environmental impact.
Our specialists also have the know-how to develop brand new polymers for any given application. Hycolene™, a revolutionary, environmentally friendly and lightweight automotive polymer provides a recent example of the benefits that can be delivered by our uniquely innovative approach.

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