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In keeping with our position as a respected, market-leading organisation, Luxus is dedicated to maintaining exceptional health and safety throughout our business. We regularly evaluate our performance in this important area to identify and implement improvements.
We also understand that our polymers, engineered plastics and automotive plastics are often used in demanding applications and work in accordance with the highest quality standards. Our robust Quality Management System complies with ISO 9001: 2008 and we are proud to be a Tier 1 approved supplier to the automotive industry.
Polymer is manufactured to repeatable specifications and we have complete tracebility of each and every batch. Our Technical Centre also subjects all polymers to rigorous and exhaustive tests including:

Melt flow index (MFI): Method - ISO 1133.
Falling Dart Impact (FDI): Strength and toughness evaluation.
Vicat Softening Temperature: Method - ISO 306.
Tensile Tests: Strength and relative stiffness evaluation.

With the environment in mind, we have developed a unique ability to recycle raw materials into sustainable, high performance thermoplastic products, engineered plastics and automotive plastics. In doing so, we reuse plastics that may otherwise be sent to landfill and provide customers with an environmentally responsible source of supply.
Furthermore, we strive to minimise pollution and CO2 emissions and are proactively working towards accreditation in ISO 14001, the recognised standard for Environmental Management Systems.

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